Luxury yachting holidays are becoming all the more popular each year, since they offer a unique combination of luxury, personalized service, elegant atmospere, the feeling of a “floating home away from home” and total freedom during holidays! Thus, more and more travellers opt for yachting vacations and decide to charter skippered sailing boats and motoryachts, in order to explore seaside destinations or island- dotted countries.

If you wish to choose an affordable charter vacation or a leisurely boat cruise in some of the most beautiful countries of the Mediterranean (Greece, Spain) or overseas, in Miami & Florida in the USA, VRConnexion is your perfect partner, offering personalized, integral and exclusive services in partnership with meticulusly selected yachting experts.

We have carefully selected different models of boats and yachts, clean, comfortable, fully equipped modern vessels (a/c, stove, oven, microwave, blender, powered washrooms and stereo), to cater for all needs, either for couples or for larger parties, promising amazing “cruising in style”. All selected boats are skippered, crewed, fully licenced and follow the highest safety regulations.

Nothing can be compared with the feeling of being embrassed by the gentle breeze of the sea, the warm sun and the deep blue of the sky. Dining al fresco, dancing the night away while gazing at the starry night, exploring secret coves with the most amazing clear blue waters, doing some entertaining “island – hopping” in thousands of big or small islands, are only some of the unique moments that you can enjoy during a yachting holiday, throughout which you will be totally pampered, surrounded by luxury and being offered high- end services.

Whether for a whole week or for shorter charters (weekend trips, daily cruises), we can arrange the rental of the yacht and its crew and also arrange all the necessary details for your transportation to/ from the embarkation point.

Furthermore, our experienced team will suggest the perfect itineraries for you, based on your personal interests and preferences.