Dear travelers, 

as the world continues to be on its on-going fight against the COVID 19 pandemic, we would like to remind you that although all European countries have re-opened their borders for tourists, the entry requirements and travel warnings for each country are both different and ever-changing.

Thus, we are happy to provide you with the required information.


Please follow the national regulations carefully:


Greece (Entry Requirements and Travel Warnings)

Spain (Entry Requirements and Travel Warnings)

Croatia (Entry Requirements and Travel Warnings)

Germany (Entry Requirements and Travel Warnings)

South Africa (Entry Requirements and Travel Warnings)


Until then, stay safe!

Luxury villas in Greece, Germany, South Africa, Spain and Croatia


Every trip is a collection of experiences gathered from each location and its people. If you are looking for travel inspiration, we go far beyond finding you the perfect luxury villa. We can design a unique vacation package only for you, according to your needs and wishes and we will make sure that your holidays will be unforgettable!



White houses with blue door blends and church roofs, turquoise blue sea, sailing in calm waters and mediterranean taverns on the beach - a dream destination for demanding holiday makers and honeymooners.



Coming Soon

Just as we are constantly on the lookout for new extraordinary objects, our exclusive portfolio is expanding. Coming soon, VR CONNEXION will provide you with a high quality selection of luxurious villas in the USA.


South Africa

Southafrica, the perfect winter destination: a holiday dream in terms of nature, animal farms, vineyards and sun-kissed beaches - a place that will take your breath away.



North Sea and Baltic Sea: the North of Germany with its long sandy beaches, straw roof cottages and wide green fields is still a secret destination to international travel.


Luxury villas in Greece, Germany, South Africa, Spain and Croatia

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Our unique selection of luxury villas in Greece, Germany and South Africa may transform your holidays into an unforgettable experience.

Luxury villas in Greece, Germany, South Africa, Spain and Croatia

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