Dear Homeowners,


It is of greatest significance to us to be up to date by continuously extending and diversifying our portfolio so as to provide our customers with a variety of unique high-end villas all over the world. Therefore, we are in constant quest of beautiful and exclusive luxury homes to complement and present on our website. 

If you own a magnificent villa and are interested in leasing or sharing it as a luxury vacation home, we would be more than pleased to assist you with promoting it on our website. Please, feel free to contact us in order to arrange an appointment, take the chance to familiarize ourselves with your lovely home, and provide you with detailed information regarding the rent procedure of your property. 

It would be a pleasure to make the very best out of your beautiful home and assure your guests an unforgettable luxurious holiday experience!



Along the lines of “quality rather than quantity“, we are focusing on the ideal selection of villas in top destinations on the one hand and guests as well as personal contacts on the other.

That is the reason why VRCONNEXION is not offering an open platform, where every home owner is able to register and present his villa himself. All homes on our website are selected individually and are pre-checked based on the high standard expectations of our employees. This rather time-consuming procedure makes sure that VRCONNEXION can maintain a very high quality management for guests and home owners as well. Due to an individual and personal support during the booking process, we know most of our guests face-to-face and are not only able to fulfill special requests but also respect obligation and concerns a home owner might have. The location of the agency in Greece and Germany underlines our mission to offer an individual and custom-built service, because it gives us the chance to have a local contact person on site, who will assist guests and home owners at the same time.

To compete what was said above, our second aim is to promote the villa professionally, which includes high-quality pictures and footages on the website and targeted marketing operations, such as active and creative press work and cross media marketing. For controlling purposes, we will issue a promotion plan once a year with a listing of all marketing activities we did for the villa.

Please contact us, if you have any further questions. We will be happy to help.