Vivid urban cities, paradisaic islands and snow-capped mountains, the South-European country of Spain is the embodiment of magnificent diversity. On the one side, it has its breathtaking historic cities with an impressive architecture, idyllic alleys guiding your way to cozy squares, where various local restaurants and bars have set their outdoor tables and serve fine Spanish cuisine. From original Paella in Valencia, to an abundance of Pintxos bars in the Basque country and Tapas with refreshing Sangria as the ‘cherry on top’. Its majestic cathedrals and historic cities are only a part of Spain’s innumerous amount of astonishing heritage sites. On the other side, pure amazement is caused by the country’s landscape. Massive mountains covered by forests in the Canary Islands, with their top appearing beyond the surface of the clouds, covered by snow, various national parks distributed over the entire country, and astounding deserts in Navarra. While Spain offers various adventurous activities, the majority of its tourists is longing its paradisaic flair and its relaxing and luxurious resorts. Long sandy beaches surrounded by palm trees, flowing into the crystal clear, turquoise water of its Balearic and Canary islands, bustling harbors where the world’s elite keeps their yachts, and the home for an abundance of marvelous villas and fincas enjoying a breathtaking panoramic view on the sea’s horizon. Mallorca in particular, is the number one escape for the high-class society. Majestic residences, dreamy beach clubs with infinity pools that appear to flow into the turquoise sea, catamaran tours through the mediterranean sea, and dinner at the world’s finest dining restaurants - Spain is the secret to complete fulfillment.