Germany - Baltic Sea



Schloss Hohendorf and Stralsund

A white fairy-tale castle - built by the famous architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel - located within a large historic park in the most attractive holiday area of Germany is one of our top vacation residences: Schloss Hohendorf, located 15 minutes by car from the historic city of Stralsund with its sailing harbor, old market place and nice cafes. The residence, which is located in the middle of a wonderful landscape between the Bodden waters and the Baltic Sea, is a dream for holiday makers who wish to totally relax in nature, watching the cranes coming back from the south or biking along the fields and horse ranches to small beaches and romantic fishing harbors. Due to the location close to Stralsund is an all year round destination.

Regular concerts in the castle Hohendorf makes the castle a destination itself. It has developed a strong reputation as a leading concert and cultural hotspot of the area, where artists of international orchestras love to performance high quality concerts. South American Marimbas, classic piano & violin, Latin Argentinian Tango or the famous Wind Quintett of the Berliner Staatskapelle are only some of the musicians the private castle hosted.

The castle has been completely renovated, kept its historic design outside and refurbished indoor into a modern, minimal style residence. It is a private residence, which opens its doors for cultural events 8 to 10 times a year, and offers a few guest apartments.

Close to the castle there are 2 indoor tennis courts available.

A concierge service provides the guests with all amenities, such as bike rental, car transfer, supermarket delivery, tour guide bookings, reservations at restaurants and mobile massage -, pilates and yoga bookings (at an extra charge).