Austria - a Central European country full of astonishing history, unique culture and a landscape so breathtaking and diverse, it exceeds every imagination and expectation possible. Its cultural significance goes beyond its artistic impact on the world in terms of classical music concerts, theaters, historical museums or ancient architecture: It is deeply rooted and reflected in each of its ten UNESCO world heritage sites, including beautiful castles and old cities on the one hand, and cultural landscapes on the other. Austria’s magnificent scenery goes from the majestically massive, snow-covered alps, to the flat, seemingly endless pannonian basin in the East; from its green hilly North enlivened by forests and creeks, to the rather appearing landscape in the South. This variety makes Austria an attractive travel destination throughout the year. Unforgettable hikes, unique city trips and indelible skiing memories are only some of this country’s dream-fulfilling promises. 

The world’s elite comes together each year to enjoy luxurious skiing holidays at its best in one of Austria’s many sumptuous ski areas. From deluxe villas in the finest valleys with idyllic snow-covered thatched roofs, to luxurious lodges on the mountains, from which starry skies and dreamlike fireworks on New Year's Eve can be enjoyed to the fullest. 

This is Austria - One country with endlessly fulfilling travel opportunities!