Imposing coastal sceneries, quaint fishing villages and myriad magical historico-cultural sights. Located in the mouth of the river Cetina, the idyllic city of Omiš embodies a charm going beyond beautiful beaches and cozy, cobbled squares. The city is parted by the entrance of the turquoise river that elegantly moves its way through the majestic mountains and further through the region of Dalmatia. Entirely backed by walls of grey, craggy mountains that increasingly unite with the inhabited areas and finally flow into the innumerable isolated beaches with their crystal clear water. Impressive fortresses perching on the peaky rocks of the mountains reflect Omiš history of pirates occupying and defending their land. But also Omiš vivid city imposes with its charming beauty. Cozy alleys guiding your way to the main square Trg Svetog Mihovila where various bars and restaurants that cover a part of the cobbled ground pamper their guests with their specialties. Given the city’s unique mountain wall and water scenery, the activities it offers are abundant. From ziplining from one mountain to another over the river Cetina, through djungle-resembling landscapes, to rafting along the dynamic river or simply relaxing on the beach. Additionally, unforgettable day trips to the touristic destinations Split and Salona are promised within the blink of an eye that include a boat trip along the magnificent Dalmatian coast. Given the city’s adventurous activities on the one side, and relaxing nature on the other, Omiš is the perfect destination for an all-round family vacation.