Venetian fortresses, Renaissance houses and Roman villas are only a fraction of the rich cultural traces distributed among the entire island. Located in the South of Croatia, the island of Hvar impresses even the most experienced travelers with its cultural, historic and natural variety. A large, yet cozy, cobbled square in the center of the island, half surrounded by its beautiful architecture of Venetian style, with the equally architected cathedral in the center of the square’s surrounding, facing its opening end towards a romantic, little harbor. Enlivened by its bustling cafés, and luxurious fine-dining restaurants that either provide a breathtaking view on the harbor and the astounding, jungle-resembling Pakleni islands, or situated within the romantic alleys of the historic city for the real experience of Hvar’s unique culture. As the valley-appearing city center astonishes in every historical and cultural aspect, Hvar’s beauty goes beyond the valley and upward the green mountains, where numerous vineyards and wineries are scattered around the island’s majestic scenery and massive red rock cliffs join the foamy and dynamic sea. Beautiful catamaran tours will allow you to experience the most unique places of Croatia. Various caves whose entrance guide you to magical hidden lakes, and the discovery of the famous and irreplaceable beauty of the Pakleni Islands - land covered by pine forests which lead you to myriad isolated bays with turquoise water and beach clubs by natural rocky cliffs where observing the orange sunset with a the refreshing sundowner makes your luxury holiday complete.