Berghütte Murmele
Lachtal, Austria

 6 guests

3 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms + 1 rain shower in the spa area


Price:  upon request


Sessellift: 0.1km

Restaurant "Apres Ski Großartig Almstadt": 0.2km

Schonberglift: 0.2km

Schönberg 6er- Schaukel: 0.3km

Tanzstattlift: 0.4km

Lachtal: 0.6km

Lachtal 6. train: 0.6km

Heberlift: 0.6km

Hebert 1: 0.6km

Lachtal Ropetow: 0.7km

Zinkenlift: 1.6km

Dietrichalmlift: 2.3km

Supermarket "Kreuzer": 3km

Airport Klagenfurt: 67.6km

Airport Graz: 86.4km



Fireplace, infrared sauna, rain showers, immediate access to to ski slope, 2 terraces, valley view, lounger, washing machine, dish washer, free double garage, BBQ 

Berghütte Murmele - Luxury Cottage at the Heart of Austria's Top Skiing Region

Peaceful quiet, breathtaking views on valleys and mountains embraced by forests, and clear, starry skies: all this is promised by the resort in which the luxurious lodge Murmele is positioned - Lachtal. Located in central Austria, the skiing region ensures a perfect getaway from hectic life for relaxing and sumptuous vacations. Whether you long for a romantic weekend, or holidays spent with your family, in this resort you can enjoy both a bubble bath followed by a relaxing and invigorating sauna session, as well as various outdoor activities - regardless the season. With the ski slope being reachable in no more than 5 walking minutes, every fresh snow fall in the early winter mornings can be experienced at their fullest. In summer, breathtaking hikes through the area of Lachtal, as well as adventurous mountain bike tours or relaxing golf sessions 25 minutes away by car, complete the perfect re-energizing summer holiday. While it provides various all-round spa offers for overall regeneration from everyday stress, it is just as rich in nearby everyday activities such as tennis, golf, mountain bike tours, horse-riding as well as motorbiking, and finally all activities comprising action on ski slopes. 

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